To understand the characteristics of the Amstaff, let's go back to its origin: on one hand we have a muscular Bulldog with considerable individuality, the hard working dog hardened in cruel animal fights and cattle driving and baiting, on the other hand we have an agile hunting dog, the Terrier with a lively nervous system. Inheriting only the best genes from its ancestors, the Bulldog - Terrier cross - breeds combined incredible strength, speediness and agility in a way never seen before. But beyond the physical features, their characteristics ensured their success in animal fights through generations. The direct ancestor of the Amstaff went through this cruel procedure. It ensured to sift out the mentally and physically week entities, enforcing the further breeding of only the best ones. That's why the highly rated features -such as the forth-right character, the ability to combine well and the high - level intelligence - acquired adherents for these dogs, and the committed, enthusiastic breeders created the modern type known today from the one-time fighters. The Amstaff still carries its ancients' personality, a strong and fearless hard working dog, but at the same time it's always ready to fool around and play.

One of the most important characteristics of this type is the incredible enjoyment of life, which grips everybody around. It's ready to make friends at once with those approaching, should it be a human being or a dog. At the same time, if the situation or the circumstances demand it, the Amstaff is ready to obey the orders and it is available. But it is not done mechanically, as if it was some kind of automatic response but rather to please its owner. The most important thing is to be in the limelight in its family and to live with its loved ones. That's why real breeders pay distinguished attention to the character and only breed dogs with a perfectly balanced nervous system. Don't forget; we are talking about a dog which is rated above all the other dogs by its physical conditions.


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